Literacy BC runs occasional social marketing campaigns to raise awareness about literacy issues and learning opportunities.

March witnessed International Adult Learners’ Week, promoted by UNESCO. Literacy BC marked the occasion by running a month-long awareness campaign on public buses across the province.

The campaign was designed to prompt aspiring learners to pick up the phone and contact Literacy BC’s toll-free referral service, in order to be put in touch with suitable programs in their community. It also advertised the online directory as an alternative source of information.

The simple text, set in a plain but striking format, reminded transit riders that “Everyone can learn to read better” – a message of hope and possibility to entrench our understanding that literacy is a continuum of ability.

Many people with limited literacy skills, who may benefit from literacy instruction, may not identify themselves as having low literacy, or may worry about being stigmatised. It is important to spread the message that low literacy is all too common, and that it can be conquered.