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Apply now for the PGI Learner Achievement Tribute Award. The deadline to apply is May 31.

January 27, 2010, was Family Literacy Day

Literacy BC has moved offices

The Westcoast Reader, a newspaper for adults learning to read, presents The Best of the Reader, a website with many ebooks and teacher resources.

Watch "Literacy Yarn" to find out why knitting is a good metaphor for literacy.

Data Angel Report: Addressing Canada's Literacy Challenge, A Cost-Benefit Analysis (PDF)

New Guidebook: Learning Together: A Guide to Community-Based Adult ESL _ Literacy in British Columbia (PDF)

Literacy _ Beyond raises $33,000 for Literacy BC

Literacy BC's 2008/09 Annual Report is now online (PDF).

New TD Bank Report: Helping Newcomers Unlock Their Potential (PDF)

Listen to Barbara Adler's poem, "Florence"

Report: Canada's Hidden Deficit: the Social Cost of Low Literacy Skills

Visit for resources to help youth overcome literacy challenges

Were you aware that around 40% of adults in British Columbia do not have the literacy skills they need to fully participate and succeed in today's world?

Do you know about the wide range of important implications of this literacy shortfall for individual opportunity and well-being, and for our province's prosperity and inclusivity?

Literacy BC produces a range of convenient factsheets summarising the key information that will help you understand literacy issues and why they are urgent.

Literacy in British Columbia (PDF) - an overview of what we learn from literacy surveys with an explanation of what it all means

Family Literacy Works for BC (PDF) - an explanation of what family literacy is all about and why it matters

The impact of literacy on BC's labour market: video and powerpoint

Literacy and Poverty (PDF)
Literacy and Health (PDF)
Literacy and Justice (PDF)
Literacy and Seniors (PDF)
Literacy and Clear Language (PDF)
What You Can Do (PDF)

There are many sources for the information in these factsheets, including in particular Building on our Competencies, Statistics Canada's analysis of the 2003 International Adult Literacy & Skills Survey. To find more information about literacy, please visit our Resource Library, or contact our librarian at